Automotive Engine Rebuilding in New Jersey

  • Air cooled 6 cylinder.
  • Rebuild engine.
  • Set up and run ready to install
1963 Corvette
  • Rebuild engine
  • Blueprinted and balanced.
  • Fuel Injection unit rebuilt
  • Distributer rebuilt and recurved
1958 Cadillac 365.
  • Completely rebuilt.
  • Bored .030 over
  • Balanced
  • Bronze valve guides
  • Tri-Power restored
    and set up.
1958 Plymouth Fury 350
  • Over bored with new pistons
  • Balanced
1966 Corvette 427
  • 425 Horse power
  • Complete rebuild
  • Blueprinted and
  • Major repairs
  • Replaced timing
    Chain tensioner
  • Adjust valves
  • Rebuild distributor
    and carburetors
  • Bow Tie heads w/
    Titanium valves
  • .060 over with 11:1
  • 4-48 IDA Weber carbs.
  • Manifold machined for
    hidden individual runner
    nitrous system
Our engine shop can take care of any type of auto engine
rebuilding, from the oldest antique to a high performance muscle
Whether you need a complete rebuild, some cylinder head work, a
new camshaft installed or just basic maintenance, our automotive
engine rebuilding shop is the place to get the work you need done
the right way.

Call to learn more about our automotive engine rebuilding services
in New Jersey

It's Not Easy to Rebuild an Engine

Whenever you need complete auto engine rebuilding, every piece
is carefully cleaned, inspected & measured. The major components
are re-machined to tolerances as close as 1/2 of one ten
thousandth of an inch. Every piece is then cleaned before final
measuring & assembly. Automotive engine rebuilding is a very
meticulous and precise process.

If "rebuild engine" is on your list, here's how to reach us.
We're experts in classic & antique auto engine rebuilding.
We rebuild engines for antique & classic cars.
We do automotive engine rebuilding for classic & antique cars.
Specialists in classic auto engine rebuilding in New Jersey
We can rebuild your engine for any vintage muscle car
We're experienced in automotive engine rebuilding for vintage cars
We're experts in classic & antique auto engine rebuilding
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