Auto Restoration

Antique Auto Restoration is our business here at Hullco-Layton Garage. We have two sayings that we use with all our clients and they apply to your antique auto too:

"If it drove when new - it will drive again!"

"We can tackle any antique auto - the older the better!"

Restoration of autos built before 1930.

Very old cars (from the 1930’s and before) have special challenges when it comes to restoration. The biggest challenge is finding parts. There just aren’t many sources left. In situations where we can’t find the parts we need, we fabricate them in-house. Whether it’s a window crank or front grille, we have the ability to fabricate that part. 


We take pride in making sure that our restorations are authentic, where everything is ‘right’ for the car and not a modern replacement.

Restoration of autos built 1930 to 1959.

Autos that come in for restoration within this time period face many of the same issues as their older counterparts - original parts are becoming harder to find. One option for us is to purchase a “parts” vehicle that allows us to replace parts with an exact match.


A lot of the work we do within the pre-1959 period is the re-restoring or reworking of old restorations - specifically in those situations where the earlier restoration disqualifies the auto from being judged in a competition. The rules as laid out in the AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) are very specific when it comes to “non-authentic” vehicles.

Restoration of autos built 1960 to present.

This period presents the widest category of autos that might need restoration because it's open-ended - anything older than 25 years (20 years in some circles) can be regarded as antique or historical but the dates move every year!


Our specialty work in this area revolves around the concept of restoring to “stock” standard or the way it came from the factory.

Some of our most interesting projects