Paint & Body Work

If you're like many of our clients you have a vision - a vision of your auto becoming an award winning vehicle. A huge factor in the decision making process of any show judge is the quality of the paint and body work.


Auto body paint and body work is the most labor intensive part of restoring your automobile. Sheet metal often rusts and may need repair and/or custom fab work. We not only paint the outside of the sheet metal, but we prime and paint the inside as well, ensuring your paint job won’t be ruined from further rust. The factories rarely did that!


When doing auto body repair, each and every section is gone over with thin coats of polyester filler and sanded with progressively finer grades of sandpaper.

1958 Cadillac

After all the parts are painted, the auto is then reassembled along with any chrome highlights and finishing touches.

Some of our most interesting projects