1969 Corvette Roadster -  Burgundy with
Black Interior.
1961 Corvette - Strip, paint and extensive
body repairs. Fawn Beige with Beige interior.
1969 Corvette Roadster - Strip, paint and
body repairs. LeMans Blue with Medium
Blue interior.
1962 Corvette - Fuel Injected. Complete
body off restoration. Roman Red with
Black Interior.

Hullco-Layton Garage
Antique Auto Restorations
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While focusing on classic cars in New Jersey, we also service discerning customers
nationwide from our shop in Layton, NJ 07851
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Hullco Layton is a premier Corvette repair shop in New Jersey
1963 Corvette - split window, fuel injected
coupe. Ground up restoration. Sebring Silver
with Black Interior.
Hullco Layton has vintage Corvettes for sale.
Hullco Layton provides Corvette service.
1961 Corvette - Fuel Injected. Ground up
restoration. Custom Cragar SS Wheels.
Honduras Maroon with Black Interior.


At Hullco-Layton Garage we specialize in
Corvette service and repair.  We have been
working on Corvettes since the 60's.  Our
service and restoration facility is located in New
Jersey.  We offer everything  from oil changes
and tune ups to engine, drive train and chassis
rebuilding, electronics and much more. If you are
looking for a little more performance out of your
Corvette, our Corvette service department in NJ
is the place to visit. We specialize in not only
getting better performance out of your engine
and transmission, but can make your car handle
like it's on rails and stop on a dime.
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Our Corvette repair shop is also one of the finest
Corvette restoration garages in the country. Our cars
have won local shows as well as achieving NCRS
Corvette Gold and Duntov Awards. We offer everything
from first class body restoration, paint jobs, engine and
chassis restorations to complete body-off restorations for
street and show.

We understand how you feel about your car, and we'll
take good care of it.  We've been specializing in Corvette
service for over 40 years.

Vintage Corvettes & Classic Cars for Sale

Finest Corvette Restoration Garage in the Country

From time to time our Corvette Repair Shop has some quality vintage
Corvettes for sale.  On occasion we are able to offer some nice project
corvettes for sale.
Please check out our gallery to see classic cars as well as vintage
Corvettes for sale.

The 1966 427 Roadster in the following pictures was one of our project
Vintage Corvettes for sale.  We did a body-on resoration and the car is
not only a fun street car to drive but has also won several local shows.
More Examples of our work with Vintage Corvettes.