Paint and Body Work

Paint and body work for classic, antique and vintage cars is our specialty.
Careful paint and body work are the finishing touches in a muscle car restoration.
For classic car custom paint jobs, no one does it better than Hullco-Layton Garage.
Paint and body work being done in New Jersey
Cars custom paint jobs done at Hullco Layton Garage
Cars custom paint job and body work done in New Jersey
Paint and body work done right at Hullco Layton Garage
Paint and body work done at Hullco Layton Garage
Hullco Layton Garage does the best paint and body work in New Jersey
After the body work and final priming and sanding are done, your car's custom paint job is applied. The
paint after curing is wet sanded, buffed, polished, and glazed. Top-quality products are used throughout
the process in our New Jersey shop.

For expert antique car paint and body work in NJ, call Hullco-Layton Garage
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Cars custom paint jobs and body work

Classic Car Custom Paint Jobs

When working on your car's custom paint job; in our New Jersey shop, many factors are involved.
Temperature and humidity must be controlled. Color matching is done using original formulas or a
spectrometer is used to match your color when formulas are not available. Much care is taken throughout
the entire paint and body work process to ensure the best quality possible.

Call us to learn how our classic car custom paint job techniques will make your vehicle a show piece.
The time spent by our skilled craftsmen ensure your car's custom paint job will be
looking it's best for years to come.
Hullco Layton Garage does the finest paint and body work
Classic paint and body work done right in New Jersey
Hullco-Layton Garage
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